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What is it?

Freedomball is a hybrid combination of several familiar recreational games that allows for great fun with minimal equipment. Freedomball combines elements of wiffle ball, kick ball, and dodge ball into a sport that is easy to learn, easy to play, and exciting to watch. It is designed to encourage people of all ages, with any level of athletic experience, to participate in an event that generates money for cancer research and treatment while providing a day of healthy activity, memorable camaraderie, and spirited competition.

With that said, here’s how you can get involved:

Register Your Team!

Freedomball registration 2016

Please download and complete the registration form and mail in with your payment or bring it with you on the day of the event!

Please mail registration forms to:
P.O. Box 865
Elkhart, IN 46515

Please make all checks payable to “Pillars of Elkhart” with “Cockopalooza” in the note section

All teams must be checked in by 11:00 AM on the day of the event.

There will be a rules demonstration at 11:15 with the tournament starting at 11:30am.

*Minimum Registration Fee:

$75 for teams


*Larger monetary donations are accepted and appreciated!


  1. Each team consists of three to four players.  (only 3 players per inning)
  2. Each game consists of three innings, as teams alternate between pitching and batting
  3. Each inning consists of three outs for each of the two teams
  4. Pitches are underhand, courtesy pitches, from within the marked pitching area.
  5. There are no “walks” but a player may strike out if he/she fails to hit acceptable pitches.
  6. Three strikes and/or fouls – in any combination – earns an out.
  7. Running starts for in the batter’s box will not be allowed.
  8. A fair ball caught in the air earns an out.*(See rules 14 and 15)
  9. After each out, the pitching team rotates positions – e.g. the pitcher moved to the outfield, the infielder becomes pitcher, etc.
  10. A ball picked up from the ground may be thrown or kicked at base-runners.
  11. Throwing the ball and hitting a base runner earns an out.
  12. Kicking the ball and hitting a base-runner ends the inning for the batting team – the pitching team immediately becomes the batting team.
  13. Any ball that does not reach the bunt line is counted as a foul ball.
  14. Any ball that reaches beyond the homerun line without being caught is, naturally, a homerun.
  15. *A ball that reaches beyond the homerun line, but is caught beyond the line, counts as a double
  16. *If the fielder jumps from within the homerun line and catches a ball that passes the homerun line before the fielder lands on the ground, he/she earns an out against the batting team.
  17. If a ball is thrown at, but safely caught by, the base-runner, he/she advances to the next base.  (ex. A player is running from home plate to first base when he catches a ball thrown at him, so he advances safely to first base.)
  18. If a ball is kicked at, but safely caught by, the base-runner, he/she advances two bases.  (ex. A player is running from home plate to first base when he catches a ball thrown at him, so he advances safely to second base.)
  19. The winner of a game is decided by the number of runs scored at the end of three innings.
  20. A tied score after three innings results in extra innings until a clear victory is earned.
  21. All Freedomball players exhibit courtesy and respect for fellow freedomball players, officials, hosts, and honorees.